Investing in Learning

Having Flexibility

More Attention, More Time

We can change lives when we unleash the power of high-quality teaching and extended learning time. One week in Acceleration Academies is equivalent to an entire month of focused instruction with an excellent teacher. On top of that, Sontag Prize winners finish the week feeling rejuvenated and most importantly, celebrated.

At our 2017 pilot partnership with Chelsea High School, 16 teachers were awarded the Sontag Prize and 158 students attended the February and April Acceleration Academies. For the 2017 Grade 10 MCAS, 95% of participating students passed the English Language Arts (ELA) exam and 88% passed the Math exam, moving them one significant step closer to high school graduation. Compared to students who did not participate in the Academies, the number of students who did not pass the exam was reduced by half in Math and over a third in ELA.

We are looking forward to expanding our program to several districts in Massachusetts in the near future.